Seven Emotions and Six Desires

After I did the brainstorming of the 4 ideas of Fantasy/Dreams, Affairs/Obsession, Death and Sex.

I realise they are actually the elements of Buddhism and Confucianists’ The Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

I am very interested about this deep idea and concept about Humanity. However, it is very big and  general…

How can I develop and divide it into three projects???

The Seven Emotions:

1. Joy

2. Anger

3. Grief

4. Worry

5. Fear

6. Sentiments

7. Affection

The Six Desires:

1. Lust

2. Vanity

3. Dignity

4. Pleasant Sounds

5. Good Life/ Death

6. Sensual Pleasures

The Seed of Emotions


“Because of the six organs, people produce six consciousnesses; and because of the six consciousnesses they produce emotions. They hardly realize that emotions confuse them in regard to fundamental reality. Once fundamental reality is lost sight of, then emotions run wild. But the seed of all emotion is craving. Why is this? Because craving is at the root of emotions, if you don’t crave anything, you don’t want anything; if you don’t want anything, how can you be attracted to anything? If you are not attracted to anything, you are not repulsed by anything; if you have neither attraction nor repulsion, what anger can there be? When there is no anger, fear does not occur; without fear, sadness disappears.

By this we know that craving is the root of emotion. If you try to control emotions forcibly without digging out the root, you control nothing but outgrowth. This is like a flood of water: if you try do dam it without stopping the source or clearing the flow, eventually you will be drowned. It is also like a blazing fire: if you try to beat it out without removing its fuel source or cutting off its path, you will merely increase the force of the flames, so that you will be threatened at every turn. It is also like the waves of the ocean, one following another endlessly.

Evoking emotions and feeling them, all occupy the mind, growing, according to circumstances. Only evolved people, knowing the seed, use the sword of wisdom with great aspiration and fierce determination to cut through the root and sprouts, excise undesirable syndromes, and prevent emotions from growing on them like parasites.”

As this ancient sage has told us, emotions are a strong form of excitement. The word “emotion” itself has its roots in the French language, where it is translated as “to stir up.” Li Hongzhi, a wise individual living in our present historical era, has mentioned “Seven Emotions and Six Desires” in his acclaimed book Zhuan Falun (Turning the Wheel of Law), and suggests strongly that people should abandon those, reaching that goal by taking emotions and desires lightly. These 13 bad habits, translated from the Chinese, are usually named thus: joy/ anger, jealousy, melancholy, fear, likes, dislikes and longing. (The 7 emotions). The six desires would be: lust, pleasant physical appearance/good features/complexion, good bearing/carriage, harmonious language and sounds, fine and smooth surroundings, a good mind.

When all these attributes human beings consider important are stripped away, what remains is an individual’s pure heart, the true being. To reach that stage, to discern what is really important, takes much work and a clear head. What one realizes, then, is that all these cravings are of little importance, because the only thing that matters for one’s future life, the life after this one on earth has ceased to exist, is the amount of virtue one was unintentionally able to accumulate, perhaps permitting one to go to a place that common language calls “heaven.”

Anger is a particularly unpleasant presence in our society today. Why do people get angry? Someone suggested that anger happens when people don’t get their way! Can anyone get more arrogant than that? People who display strong anger at the slightest provocation are no longer able to keep things in perspective. If those individuals realized the immensity of the universe, the tinyness of the planet earth in the firmaments and the virtual insignificance of a human being, they would not act in such a way. When emotions choke us, all reasoning goes out the window. Some individuals who had severe problems with their tempers and anger management problems have been completely cured of this bad habit after they began studying Falun Dafa, the most complete science, as explained in the text Zhuan Falun.


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